Advantages of Using GBWhatsapp - The Latest Version Apk Download Button
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Advantages of Using GBWhatsapp - The Latest Version Apk Download Button

Probably the most widely used GBWhatsapp features are those which enable you to conceal various kinds of information from your outgoing text messages. With this app, you can hide certain information that will reduce the possibility of being caught in an investigation. The feature allows you to limit the number of messages that will be shown on your mobile phone. You are also given the option to hide videos and photos that may be sent to other users. The feature also hides any kind of location information from your phone. With these two options, one is bound to find the best way to conceal his or her messages from other people.

GB Whatsapp

Messaging In GBWhatsapp

One of the latest GBWhatsapp offers that allow you to alter the message that is sent by your smartphone. The newly added feature lets you change the message that is sent to someone with a forwarded tag. Previously, when you had sent a message from your smartphone to someone, it had included a forwarded tag that had already been saved in the recipient's phone. The newly added feature however allows you to select a different message to use for a forwarded tag. One thing that you will need to remember though if you use the default tag options, is that these messages will also be sent to your friends on your friend's list. Installing this application is very easy. All you have to do is download the GB Whatsapp APK download button from the given link. After you've downloaded the file, the next step is to install it on your smartphone. When you insert the file inside your device, it will automatically install itself. You can now use it to send and receive messages as well as make calls without problems.

Other Features in GBWhatsapp

In addition, a new feature that has been added to GBWhatsapp is referred to as Last Seen. This new feature allows you to see what the last seen messages are on the phone. If you have checked your contacts or looked at your last seen messages in the last couple of months, Last Seen will help you to know what the messages said. You will get to see images, video clips, and even audio messages that were sent to your phone. This way, if you missed a particular contact, you will be able to reread the message later.

The last two extra features included in the GBWhatsapp are Emoticons and International Languages. The Emoticon feature allows you to add emoticons to your messages. For example, if you have some questions and you would like to ask someone about the question you have in mind, the Emoticon option will let you do so. It also allows you to insert the picture of the person that you are talking to. The International Language option of the GBWhatsapp allows you to translate any of the texts or conversations that you have with someone from any part of the world.

Tagged Files In GBWhatsapp

One of the GBWhatsapp's most popular features is its ability to download and read Tagged files from any part of the world. Tagged files are those that have names that start with a digit instead of just starting with a capital letter. They are commonly used by individuals when they want to store some sort of data, such as a photo or a document that they need for their personal computer. 

This feature of the GBWhatsapp reduces the file size of the application by quite a bit.

One of the reasons why many people prefer to use this particular application is because of its ability to customize many aspects of the interface. If you are planning to purchase GBWhatsApp for free, you can download the free version first to test it out. This app doesn't have many features or any extras installed on it, so you won't have to worry about purchasing something extra just to get the features that you want. If you're planning to install the paid version, you will be able to install the extra features that will give you a more personalized experience while using the app.


Since it is limited to SMS only, you will be able to send and receive messages with whoever you want to use this program. There will be no delays in sending messages since it works as fast as possible. You don't have to worry about missing a call because of a busy signal, which is important especially if you're talking to someone overseas. Whenever you receive a call, it will appear on the screen just like any other messaging application. Hope this article helped you!

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